Bend Food

Bend Food: Stories of Local Farms and Kitchens came out on June 25, 2018. Thanks for your kind support!

Book description:

The views surrounding Bend don’t exactly conjure notions of traditional farmland. Snowy mountains frame open vistas dotted with gnarled juniper trees and sagebrush. By day, the landscape is blanketed under a blazing sun while cold nights bring relief beneath bright stars. Despite these extremes, agriculture is thriving, thanks to the hard work of dedicated farmers and ranchers. Irrigated fields support bountiful crops at Fields Farm and Mahonia Gardens. Farmers’ markets, most notably at Northwest Crossing, bustle with people buying local produce, dairy, eggs, meat and honey. Visit places like the Great American Egg to learn about the business of raising chickens, and Jackson’s Corner for a delicious sample of what eating local tastes like. Author Sara Rishforth goes behind the scenes to present the story of the local farm-to-table movement.

Available for purchase:

  • From me! I will have copies available for purchase in mid-June, and I’m happy to mail you a copy.  Price is $22, which includes shipping (to United States). If you’d like a personalized copy, please provide the name.  Thank you!
  • From your local bookstore like Roundabout Books in NorthWest Crossing

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