Update on Book Three

I have this odd routine for writing. Get ready to laugh or scratch your head in amusement.

– Make a cup of tea
– Make a huge bowl of popcorn. Immediately consume.
– Chase the cat around the house for cardio (mine or his?)
– Work on menu planning and write a grocery list
– Open tabs on Chrome: email, Goodreads, Facebook, Google, Twitter
– Bug my husband. Ask him lots of questions about what he’s doing, but don’t really listen.
– Swiffer the hardwood floors
– Start a load of laundry
– Hike Pilot Butte a few times to really get my creative juices flowing

Next, I either set up the laptop on the butcher block in the kitchen to create a standing desk, or I plop down on the couch with a blanket on my lap (so the computer doesn’t cook my legs). Then, I click a thousand folders to locate my Word file.

Then, it’s usually time for a sweet snack or lunch.