Reader Comments for Adventures in Dating and After We Met

I tore through your first book in 2.5 days and will be starting #2 today. I truly enjoyed it and found myself not being able to put it down in some sections. It was also fun to hear your voice in so many places and appreciating the perspective from first hand experience. Keep it up girl! You have a future as an author.

– Evelyn

I really enjoyed reading it and I think you have a real gift for the development of the characters and their conversations within the story.

– Cheri Lee

Cover was very cool.  Loved that Spencer was so much more a part of the book.  Really enjoyed reading it.

– My mother


Sara’s book did not disappoint–it was cute and funny and made me remember the idealism, tinged with frustration, of my younger years. [Not that I’m old!] I enjoyed the quick and easy read and look forward to learning what’s next for Kari!

– S. A.


I FINISHED your book. SO awesome. So amazing. I feel like the main character is half you, half who you secretly are!

– Sara S.


The book was great! I really felt like I was in the single life again searching for Mr Right.

– Jennifer R.


“You have a really smooth writing style–engaging, articulate, and focused, with a pretty good sense of pace.  A person could get fat just reading this book. I had to think back to younger days when I could (and did) eat a lot more.  This book is delightful, light and breezy (for the reader). ”

– Sandy T.



“Loved it! I’m hungry after reading about all the good food and I want to go shopping for shoes!”

– Elizabeth M.


Read your book on the plane and finished just before landing.  Tears welled up at the end of page 285 and 286!  It was a great read
and reminded me of “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” I am a fan!

– Richard B.