Progress Report

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for all your love and support! I’ve written over 15,000 words, and I’m feeling pretty good about the content.

Many evenings spent looking at pictures taken by Emil (thank you!). We’ve developed a process. A quick scan, pick some favorites, turn them into black and white, and then back to color. The book will have a color section of at least thirty two pictures. Almost all of the food pictures look better in color … no surprise there. Each chapter will feature one to three black and white pictures. I’ve posted many of the pictures on my Facebook author page. Thanks for all the new likes! Ultimately, my editor has final pick of pictures and will format them, but I’ll send in my recommendations along with notes on cropping, etc.

So, what’s next? I’m setting up a few more interviews this month. Then, I’ll spend October editing the manuscript, finalizing picture captions, drafting the back cover text, finalizing a title with my editor, and handling last minute items from the publisher like lists of where to sell my book, book-signings, and more.

Again, thanks to all the farmers, chefs, advocates, education program folks, and more for making time for me during the busy summer!