Book Update

Hi All! Wow. Time is flying by, and I definitely feel the pressure. So far, I’ve sent two chapters to my editor for review, and she likes them both! A few changes, but not much … that’s fantastic! She gives a nice combination of suggested changes and positive notes. I have other chapters completed, but I won’t send each chapter to her.

My photos are due mid-November, and I’ve completed the selection and dropped them into my manuscript to see what the chapters will look like. I’ve also picked out several photos for the cover, and it will be tough whittling them down. I’ll send in seven to nine photos for it. The captions are written and ready to go for further down the road.

As far as the manuscript, I’m editing three chapters at one time. My process (thanks to Kathleen Coop) is to work on the chapters, go for a walk, come back to the chapters, go whip up some cookies, come back to the chapters, and then go to bed. The next morning, I look at the chapters again and possibly two more times. When I feel good about them, Emil edits the chapters. Then, I go back and read the edits and work on them again. It’s a long process and requires lots of patience on my part. Plus, I’m out of freezer room with all the cookies and quick breads I make.

My word count is almost 30,000, and I have one more interview with a farm in Culver. Very exciting to meet the farmer and see his operation.

I’m working more hours right now with my jobs, so I’ve editing in the evenings as well. Trying not to stress eat carbs! Keep me in your thoughts as I continue. Looking forward to the milestone of turning in photos!