Book Three?

Thanks to everyone who keeps asking me for an update! It was put on hold the last few months because I added a new job to my life. Long story, but it’s a very fulfilling job. Thumbs up for that, right?

I did work on the book yesterday, and it sure felt good! Of course, I changed my main character name AGAIN. It’s currently Julianne. I’m sure it will change again. However, I did land on a great bakery name. Sugar Bean. It reflects the coffee and desserts. If any of you are Clinique fans, it’s the name of a wonderful shade of lipstick.

Today, I’ll work on the book and see how it goes. I’m re-reading the draft, so I know where I left off. It takes time to read 26,000 words. Keep your fingers crossed! I want to finish writing the draft by the end of October/early November. Then, I’ll work on editing this winter while working at Mt. Bachelor. Woo HOO for snow!