Book Teaser

Here’s a teaser from Bend Food:

A list of my favorite meals:

– The McIsley Biscuit Sandwich at Pine State Biscuits in Portland, Oregon—coarse-grain mustard, honey, pickles, juicy fried chicken on a homemade biscuit. Yep, it’s quite filling. I’ve eaten at every location, and I like the SE Division spot best.
• Chicken on a Bun at Craft Kitchen and Brewery in Bend, Oregon. The chicken is so juicy and flavorful. I don’t share any bites of this sandwich, and there’s no talking while I slowly eat it. I mentioned this sandwich to my hairdresser, Amy at Zen Beauty Den. She immediately gushed about the tasty sauce served on it. Bonding over food while chopping off eight inches of hair!
• Roast Grouper at Hank’s Seafood Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina. Fresh seafood in this lovely town. Thanks to my parents for recommending this restaurant!
• Pork Belly Braised in Root Beer at Screendoor Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. I am so in love with this dish! I even wrote Bon Appetit magazine to ask Screen Door for its recipe for the “R.S.V.P.” section. No reply. Yet.
• Mochaccino Cake by Chef Sara Spudowski. Or her roasted potatoes; it’s really a toss-up. Everything she makes is fantastic. Chocolate chip cheesecake, red velvet cupcakes, profiteroles and more. I dearly miss our Allen & Petersen days!

It was hard to narrow down my favorite meals! My life revolves around food. If I’m not cooking, then I’m either meal planning, food shopping, or planning my next meal out. I met my friend, Michele for breakfast this morning. I heard the breakfast burritos at Market of Choice were fantastic. When we arrived, there were so many breakfast choices other than the burritos! I ended up with a egg cup (crunchy hashbrown patty topped with an egg and jalapenos, wrapped in bacon). Plus, I got a nice helping of the green chili breakfast enchiladas. Super spicy and good! I will return for a second helping for sure. Before we decided on Market of Choice, I researched a few other places, so I had options for her. It’s easy for me to go to the same breakfast places, so I push myself to try new places.

We had a nice leisurely breakfast upstairs, sipping lattes and catching up. Then, we walked around the store. I picked up trail mix, frozen blackberries (blackberry bread recipe is on tap next), and a HUGE apple fritter for Emil. Yes, I know blackberries aren’t in season, but I’m anxious to make this recipe and share with my co-workers.

Off to the kitchen!