Farm-to-Table Book

Big news! I’m writing a book about Bend food and the farm-to-table success here in town. So excited! The proposal process was new to me, and it really helped shape the book and what I want to write.

I’m thankful to Laurie at Arcadia Publishing for her time and patience. My questions are endless, and I like to consider the big picture (even though I’m practically dancing around the house) before agreeing to the book. This summer will be filled with interviewing farmers, chefs, and many more folks in town.

Check out their website for a complete listing of available books:

Hooray! Off to the store to stock up on legal pads, pens, post-it notes, and more….

Must Have Cookbook

I’ve been cooking almost every night from this amazing cookbook, “One Pan and Done: Hassle-free meals from the oven to  your table” by Molly Gilbert. Run out and buy it now, especially if you have a dutch oven!

Here are the recipes I’ve made and highly recommend:

– Lamb Meatballs with Spinach and Orzo (I substituted ground turkey. Lamb is expensive!)
– Bacon Biscuit Bread
– Chicken Tikka Masala
– S’mores Cups

I stumbled upon it at the library. Every two weeks, I stock up on cookbooks from the library and read them, marking the must-make recipes with post-it notes. If the cookbook has more than three post-it notes, I add it to my Amazon Wish List. With my horrible memory, I can’t rely on remembering book titles.

A shout-out to my mother who bought me a new cookbook for my birthday! Looking forward to making some vintage cakes from it….


An update

Hi! Sorry it’s been forever since I’ve posted. I’ve been working and enjoying a little time off. Last winter, I worked every day, but I’ve maintained work, life, balance this winter.  How was your winter? What are your summer plans?

I’m headed to back to South Carolina in July. Will spend a glorious week (hopefully without being stung by a jellyfish) at Hilton Head Island with my family. Looking forward to sweet tea, Southern hospitality, and seafood!

Planning to get back into shape (other than my current donut-like shape) and walk Pilot Butte again. I love walking it and listening to podcasts like The Sporkful or Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

A possible trip to Idaho in August….

Our house is gutted, and it’s like camping inside. Electrical and plumbing work is on deck next. Plus, I have tons of great plants and nurseries to visit, thanks to my friend, Candace. A little sprucing up in the yard is needed!

Enjoy Spring and stop to admire the flowers!

The News

Yep, I have big news. Drum roll …. we bought a house! More like a project. We closed on the house mid-May, and then proceeded to rip out sheet rock, floors, insulation, carpet, trim, the kitchen, and the laundry room. Minor stuff, really.

So, now you know what I’ve been doing. The project, moving, cleaning the rental, and attempting to settle in. So far, it’s been really fun. I’ve learned so much about house renovation, and I haven’t stepped on a nail yet. Although, I did take a nice hammer hit to the knee. But, I digress..

I have a nice two week window to focus on writing projects. These include edits to After We Met, finishing book three, and revising an entry to a writing contest. Piece of cake. But first, let me eat a bowl of popcorn, chase the cat around the house, drink hot tea, and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls. Then, I’ll actually plug in the laptop and open Microsoft Word. I also have to go through my “I hate After We Met, and I can’t believe I wrote this crap” rant. This usually takes me about an hour as I read out loud and edit. Then, I finally calm down, grab another mug of tea, and look at recipes on-line to take my mind off it.

Wish me luck. I read two chapters out loud, told the cat I should give up, and now I’m reading Dilbert cartoons.

Long time, no write

I haven’t forgotten about my website or writing, even though it seems like it these days. I did decide to edit “After We Met” over the next few weeks. There are a few typos and inconsistencies, and it’s weighing heavily on my mind. My husband says I need to move on and finish book three. But, I can’t. Just knowing the edits are out there …. I must make them! Plus, CreateSpace makes it so easy for changes!

So, that’s my current focus. Then, I promise to finish book three. Now, where is my red pen??

Trip home

Two years. Two whole years have passed since I went home to Greenville. How did I let this happen? We went home a few weeks ago, and I have fun pictures to share with you. It was a short, but fun-filled trip. The weather was perfect. Eighty-five degrees and low humidity. I sat outside as much as possible. It was lovely.

My oldest brother, Ted, came down for a few days. It was good to see him. My Uncle Ron also came down for a day. We also ate some amazing food!

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Free Time

What free time? I’m staying busy working at Mt.Bachelor, Touchmark, and Annie’s Kitchen.

~ Drum roll ~

But, I’m taking a good chunk of time off in October to finish writing book three. Still trying to figure out the conflict in the book, but it will come to me. Some of my best ideas happen as I’m writing a fluffy scene. Then the lightbulb turns on. Ta-Da!

And a little visit home to South Carolina might inspire me. We head there for a quick trip in October. Sweet tea and a grilled pimiento cheese sammy will help along the way.

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Book Three?

Thanks to everyone who keeps asking me for an update! It was put on hold the last few months because I added a new job to my life. Long story, but it’s a very fulfilling job. Thumbs up for that, right?

I did work on the book yesterday, and it sure felt good! Of course, I changed my main character name AGAIN. It’s currently Julianne. I’m sure it will change again. However, I did land on a great bakery name. Sugar Bean. It reflects the coffee and desserts. If any of you are Clinique fans, it’s the name of a wonderful shade of lipstick.

Today, I’ll work on the book and see how it goes. I’m re-reading the draft, so I know where I left off. It takes time to read 26,000 words. Keep your fingers crossed! I want to finish writing the draft by the end of October/early November. Then, I’ll work on editing this winter while working at Mt. Bachelor. Woo HOO for snow!

Progress on Book Three

I’ve written over 18,000 words! Feeling good about it except for a few items:

– Main character name. I loved the name Kari from my previous books. Now, I’m struggling with a new name for this book. Thank goodness for the replace function in Microsoft Word. Hopefully, I land on a name soon.

– Bakery name. Of course there’s a bakery in the book. It’s an integral part of the story, and much of the book so far is set there. Currently, it’s named Honey Bee Bakery. Too cutesie. So, I’m thinking about changing it to Sweet Magnolia. What do you think?

I took the weekend plus a few days off this weekend. Tomorrow, I’ll spend the day writing.

Thanks for your kind support!

Update on Book Three

I have this odd routine for writing. Get ready to laugh or scratch your head in amusement.

– Make a cup of tea
– Make a huge bowl of popcorn. Immediately consume.
– Chase the cat around the house for cardio (mine or his?)
– Work on menu planning and write a grocery list
– Open tabs on Chrome: email, Goodreads, Facebook, Google, Twitter
– Bug my husband. Ask him lots of questions about what he’s doing, but don’t really listen.
– Swiffer the hardwood floors
– Start a load of laundry
– Hike Pilot Butte a few times to really get my creative juices flowing

Next, I either set up the laptop on the butcher block in the kitchen to create a standing desk, or I plop down on the couch with a blanket on my lap (so the computer doesn’t cook my legs). Then, I click a thousand folders to locate my Word file.

Then, it’s usually time for a sweet snack or lunch.