I’m still here…

I’ve just been busy! Yes, I’m still writing. Currently on chapter three, and it’s a little slow going. I usually gain momentum when I hit 10,000 words. Since I didn’t do an outline or storyboard, I spend much of my time daydreaming. Perfect way to spend my time commuting to Mt. Bachelor for work.

Speaking of work … I’ll finish up at Bachelor at the end of May. Catering has already ramped up, and my lovely tendonitis and carpel tunnel is still there. Yay.

I WILL finish writing the third book by the end of summer. That’s my goal. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. Thanks for hanging in there with me! I appreciate your support.

Latest project

I’ve been working many hours, but not on writing. I feel like I need a week off to write, so I can make some headway. Since no time off is coming up until summer, I better write whenever I have a few moments.

My latest project is a book about a woman in the midst of a divorce. She owns a bakery, has a very opinionated mother, jumps into the dating pool, and more. I haven’t done an outline yet. Hoping to just run with it and write whatever feels right.

Because I like goals, I’m hoping to have it published by summer. It’s going to be a stretch, but I like a challenge. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Book Signing

Finally! I had time to schedule a book signing and presentation for After We Met. My favorite coffee shop, Bluebird Coffee Company agreed to host it again. They are providing appetizers for guests. Wine, beer, and coffee is available for purchase.

Here are the details:

Bluebird Coffee Company
On Bond, just north of Franklin, next to Noi Restaurant
Wednesday, January 28
4:30-6 p.m.

I’ll do a short reading and sign books. Hope to see you there! The event is posted on my Facebook page.


Thanks for your kind support!

After We Met

After We Met, the sequel to Adventures in Dating, is now published and available for purchase. What a whirlwind process this time around! I can now add headers, footers, and page numbers to just about anything. My specialty? Numbering only certain pages, but not others. It’s an art.

My heartfelt thanks to Emil Teague, JoAnn Rishforth, Marlys Thoreen, Annie Johnston, Wendy Burns-Ardolino, Katie Bender, Richard and Karen Brodsky. Each person gave amazing feedback, support, and kindness. I appreciate their time and friendship.

Now, I’m ready for a new project. But first, I need to plan a book signing. Stay posted for details!

Another sequel update

I’m in the home stretch, editing away, and BAM! I change the title of the sequel. All along, I thought it would be Adventures in Marriage. I liked the continuity of the two titles, and I was ready to go. But, I heard back from several beta readers, and they mentioned the title not exactly fitting in with the story.

So, I grabbed my Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Yes, I keep one handy. Why? My amazing sister-in-law is featured in it! She did silhouettes at Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s wedding a few years ago. And, I paged through, saying random sentences out loud to Emil. We made a note of a few, and then settled on After We Met. We liked the simplicity of it.

Next, I sent the title change to the graphic designer and asked for a new proof with the cover. Looks great!

One of my final tasks is to write the back cover text. It’s the job I dislike the most! How do I sum up the book without giving it away? How do I entice people to buy it with just a few paragraphs? I’m on my third draft, and Emil gives me the thumbs down on each one.  I will persevere and finish it this week.

Thanks to everyone for their support and gentle nudges. It certainly makes this process more fun!

Sequel Update

Wahooey!  An initial draft of the sequel to Adventures in Dating is complete.  So, what next?  I’m editing this week and will send it to my beta readers by Monday.  I’ve contacted the amazing Chris at Thistlefish Design for cover concepts.  What else is on the list?  Writing the back cover content and possibly a new author picture.

I appreciate all your continued support and love!  A third book is on the back burner, but it’s not connected to the first two books.  My goal is to publish by the holidays.  Did you notice I didn’t say which holiday?  I would love to publish it by Thanksgiving, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll keep you posted!

Trivia about Adventures in Dating

Here’s a little trivia about Adventures in Dating:

1. Most of the dates are based on real dates I went on. Ethan was a figment of my imagination though. Thank goodness.

2. I have two brothers. I always wanted sisters, so I chose Kari to have sisters. I loved writing their dialog and interactions with each other. My friend, Lori Moore, has two sisters, and their stories are hilarious! One of them is named Kari. LOVE that name!

3. Sugar is based on a wonderful bakery in Anchorage, Alaska. My two friends own it, and I was a frequent customer. They have delicious red velvet cupcakes and creme brulee.

4. The real life Jack is quite adorable. He’s honest, fun, loves food, and super active. Here’s a picture of us when he visited this past May.

josh in or

5. I’m not an architect. I chose this as Kari’s profession because of two reasons. One is an homage to George in Seinfeld who always chose to be an architect, and the other is because my brother, Tom, is an amazing architect. Yes, I helped him color cabbages for a project. I’m pretty sure he fired me after he saw my awful art skills.

6. I love trivia! I’m not very good at playing it, but I love hosting it. I host trivia once a month in Bend, Oregon.

7. I convinced the real life Marshall to move to Bend, Oregon. We play the “Who do you know” game constantly. At the Heart concert last night, I was first on the board. Boom!

8. I love lattes. I would gladly trade desserts and carbs if I could have a latte every day.

Update on Sequel

Divorce, relocation, and more! Oh my! Before you freak out, it happens in the sequel, not to me! Probably important to clarify…

I’m over 37.000 words into the sequel. It’s going well so far. My plan is to spend most of this week writing before I run off to a catering gig. Catering is one of my part-time jobs, and we (the chef and I) travel all over Oregon. Most of our gigs are near Eugene, so I enjoy the rain and humidity while I’m there.

The soft goal is to publish the sequel by the end of the year. Though I’m anxious to have the graphic designer start on the cover, I promised myself to wait until 50,000 words before contacting her. Then, I’m near the end and know I can finish.

Many thanks to you for your support and patience! I appreciate all the kind words of support you send my way.

Return to writing The Sequel

I know. It’s supposed to be written by the end of summer. That’s my goal. But, factor in two and a half weeks of family in town visiting, and I should receive an extension.

You’ll be happy to know, I’m back at it. Of course, I don’t remember much of the 12,000 words I wrote before the family descended to town, so this morning is all about re-reading. It’s really hard not to edit as I read. Really hard. Which is why it’s 12:43, and I still haven’t made it to the end of what I wrote. But, I will persevere.

Yesterday was the author event at the library, and I had a wonderful time. I met some super talented authors, and they definitely me inspired me to keep writing in the forefront of my life. Here are some links to some of the writers I met yesterday:




Check them out!