First Book Signing at Central Oregon Locavore

Wahoo! Just finished my first book signing for Bend Food: Stories of Local Farms and Kitchens. Many thanks to all the folks who came by…it was wonderful to see familiar faces and meet new people who support the local food community! I especially liked chatting with Meghan, a local gal who gave me a quick lesson on using Instagram. She filmed a story right then about picking up her food from Agricultural Connections and meeting me. So cool! And, now I’m on Instagram, but I need a lesson on using it.

Thanks to Central Oregon Locavore and Agricultural Connections for their kind support! I appreciate all the social media love!

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Michele, Sara, and Nora

Love my banner, created by Candace Weber

Next event: Sunday, July 1 at the High Desert Museum Bookshop at 12:30 p.m.


First Interview

This book promotion is full of firsts for me. Yesterday, Lisa Sipe from The Source Weekly interviewed me, and it was so much fun! I was a little nervous about the questions, because I’ve never been interviewed about my books. We quickly bonded over food, favorite chefs, and cooking. The article will be available on Wednesday, June 20. Looking forward to reading it!

My heartfelt thanks for all of your kind support during this book publishing process! I appreciate the kind words. Also a huge thanks to Candace Weber! She made me cute bunting with a vegetable and farm animal theme. I’ll use it to decorate my book signing table.

Pre-order A Book

Hooray! I’m so excited to offer Bend Food: Stories of Local Farms and Kitchen for pre-order. If you live out of town, the cost is $22 (includes shipping). If you’re local, the cost is $20, and I’ll deliver the book with a home-baked treat! Email me at for my address to send a check, or you can pay via Paypal.

I’ll receive a shipment of books from the publisher by June 25, so your copy will go right into the mail. I have envelopes ready to go!

Now, moving on to marketing and setting up book signing events! Thanks for your kind support!

Book Signing Event – Touchmark

Hooray! Just confirmed my first book signing event! I’m so thankful to Janet at Touchmark for being open to the event and welcoming an interactive format.

Here are the details:

Wednesday, July 18 at 2 p.m.
19800 SW Touchmark Way
Bend, OR 97702

I’m throwing around ideas for the format. Perhaps showing a slideshow of photos from farms, chefs, and food. Or inviting a farmer or chef to join me. They can bring samples of their goodies. It’s a busy time of the summer, so we’ll see how it goes.

Hope to confirm a few more events in the coming weeks. Thanks for your support!

Book Teaser

Here’s a teaser from Bend Food:

A list of my favorite meals:

– The McIsley Biscuit Sandwich at Pine State Biscuits in Portland, Oregon—coarse-grain mustard, honey, pickles, juicy fried chicken on a homemade biscuit. Yep, it’s quite filling. I’ve eaten at every location, and I like the SE Division spot best.
• Chicken on a Bun at Craft Kitchen and Brewery in Bend, Oregon. The chicken is so juicy and flavorful. I don’t share any bites of this sandwich, and there’s no talking while I slowly eat it. I mentioned this sandwich to my hairdresser, Amy at Zen Beauty Den. She immediately gushed about the tasty sauce served on it. Bonding over food while chopping off eight inches of hair!
• Roast Grouper at Hank’s Seafood Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina. Fresh seafood in this lovely town. Thanks to my parents for recommending this restaurant!
• Pork Belly Braised in Root Beer at Screendoor Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. I am so in love with this dish! I even wrote Bon Appetit magazine to ask Screen Door for its recipe for the “R.S.V.P.” section. No reply. Yet.
• Mochaccino Cake by Chef Sara Spudowski. Or her roasted potatoes; it’s really a toss-up. Everything she makes is fantastic. Chocolate chip cheesecake, red velvet cupcakes, profiteroles and more. I dearly miss our Allen & Petersen days!

It was hard to narrow down my favorite meals! My life revolves around food. If I’m not cooking, then I’m either meal planning, food shopping, or planning my next meal out. I met my friend, Michele for breakfast this morning. I heard the breakfast burritos at Market of Choice were fantastic. When we arrived, there were so many breakfast choices other than the burritos! I ended up with a egg cup (crunchy hashbrown patty topped with an egg and jalapenos, wrapped in bacon). Plus, I got a nice helping of the green chili breakfast enchiladas. Super spicy and good! I will return for a second helping for sure. Before we decided on Market of Choice, I researched a few other places, so I had options for her. It’s easy for me to go to the same breakfast places, so I push myself to try new places.

We had a nice leisurely breakfast upstairs, sipping lattes and catching up. Then, we walked around the store. I picked up trail mix, frozen blackberries (blackberry bread recipe is on tap next), and a HUGE apple fritter for Emil. Yes, I know blackberries aren’t in season, but I’m anxious to make this recipe and share with my co-workers.

Off to the kitchen!

Book Update

Hi All! I’m deep into my last chance to revise the book. The publisher sent me a copy with the photos dropped in, and it’s so exciting to see them in place! I’ve read it line by line twice, using a ruler, so I hope I caught any glaring mistakes.

Next up is publicity and book signing events. Hoping to do at least three events around town in July.

Below is the cover:


Here’s the link on Amazon:

I’ll keep you posted on confirmed events. Thanks for your support!

Book Signing Events, Ideas, and Collaborations

Bend Food comes out June 25, so I’m brainstorming ideas on book signings, ideas, and collaborations. Touchmark (one of my many jobs) agreed to host a book signing event in July, and I’m so thankful for their support! I’ve worked there as a caregiver for three years, and it’s very fulfilling.

I have a list of possible locations for other signings. It would be great to do a few events, plus possibly share a booth at the farmers’ market for an event. If you have any ideas or collaborations, please let me know!

My new business cards arrived last week. They feature images from the book and make a perfect bookmark. Thanks again to Emil Teague for his wonderful photography!

All right, back to making lists and prepping for the June release! Thanks for your kind support!


My weakness is marketing myself, but it’s something I’m working on. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

I went to the dentist last week. Dr. Longlet walks in…

Dr: What’s new since I’ve seen you?
Me: Nothing.

Yep. Luckily, I recovered a moment later.

Me: Wait! I wrote a book! That’s what I’ve been doing every spare minute from July to December minus family vacation on Hilton Head Island and working a bike ride in Idaho. Plus working my usual jobs at Touchmark as a caregiver, slinging tickets/season passes at Mt. Bachelor, and working for a traveling chef. Phew.

I told him about the book, and he asked about the restaurants I interviewed. Turns out, he loves Sunny Yoga Kitchen! Hooray! Me too!

So, in my little bit of spare time, I’m brain-storming about book-signing events, marketing ideas, and trying to remember what I did for fun before I delved into writing. I’m back to reading cookbooks (I love the library for their awesome collection!), making new recipes like pickles from Tasty & Sons and almond granola from Cooks Illustrated, and spending time with Emil (napping together totally counts).

The weather has been quite agreeable, and I walked with Terese up to Overlook Butte and then to Sunny Yoga Kitchen for lunch last week … Karen joined us! Today, Michele and I enjoyed lunch at 123 Ramen … she’s never been there before and absolutely loved it! Then, we huffed and puffed our way up Pilot Butte. I’ve restocked the freezer with cookies and muffins, so I’m ready to shower my co-workers with goodies once again.

I’m also participating in a 12 minute Marketing Challenge through Hometown Reads. Today is day one, so I better get on it! Looking forward to the writing prompts and ideas!

P.S. Cover reveal for Bend Food is coming soon! Stay tuned!