21,323 Words and Counting

Hi Everyone! The book is rolling along, and I celebrate every milestone. I’ve started editing the chapters, and it’s so fun to read and think about my time on the farm or with the chef. I’ve also started a folder to collect photos for the cover. I’ll submit five to seven photos for the cover, and there are so many good ones for consideration. Lots of colorful vegetables and gorgeous plating. My editor will make the final selections.

Here are some interesting facts about the book:

  • My word count has to be between 38,000 and 42,000
  • The book will have 50-80 photos
  • I pay for all expenses incurred. It’s very important to me to pay for the dishes we photograph. I support the restaurant. This is not a restaurant review.
  • I think, talk, and work on the book when I’m not working my other jobs.

Next up: New author photo in October. Handing over the chapters to my in-house editor(Emil) and finishing a few more interviews. It’s a super busy time for chefs and farmers, so I’m patient. There’s plenty for me to do in the meantime.

I’m so thankful to everyone for their support. I appreciate you asking me about the process and how I’m faring through it all. I always say it’s very emotional, and it’s true. Mostly, I just worry about what folks will say about the finished product. You know me … I always worry about something or someone. It’s just in my nature.

Well, back to editing! Have a super weekend! Happy Fall!